Year: 2020      Type: Experience and Food Design      Deliverables: 3D design, 3D printing, Modeling

Senso is a further development of my Bachelor’s thesis non.scents. In this thesis, I deal with the translation of our sensory perceptions into textures. Inspired by this effect, I developed 5 balls with different textures, strengths and surface structures. These were each assigned to a suitable taste/odour group. In this work, the Senso taste experience was explicitly examined using different desserts and then translated into the respective texture and shape language. The investigation and assignment of the textures and their relation to olfactory and taste sensations were carried out using different test series.

The Senso balls are a design study derived from the research mentioned above.


During the meal, the ball, which matches the basic taste, is touched with the feet. This interaction between taste and touch creates a sensitive experience that enhances or complements the taste experience. The multi-sensory experience is perceived as a whole-body experience that creates a new culinary experience.