In this project, we were asked to design a new sense that would be needed in the future: Overstimulation already affect us mentally and physically. We feed the brain and body much sensory information that both are struggling to process and communicate. In the future, this level of over-stimulation will continue to rise, and the human mind will not find the space to refocus and concentrate on the essentials. Therefore, a new sense needs to be developed that will help to rest the mind and re-attain that sense of realignment.

taste and touch


Royal College of Art

summer 2020


New Sense



This new sensor will help us refocus. An automatic adaptation reacts to stimulus satiation in all sensory areas and starts to control and regulate the areas. Thereby, a sorting out filter is created, enabling the selection of information. This then allows us to perceive our environment as we need to continue to function and be creative in a world that is so full of information. We create a space in which we can automatically adapt to the environment in which we find ourselves by covering the sensory input with newly sorted input to create a new experience.



The sense of realignment is an AR/VR application that guides to the possibili- ties of the sense. Different visual and sound filters are automatically adapted when a specific object triggers it.