Stackholder | RCA Master Theses
Type | Experience and Research Design
Deliverables | Research, Metal Work, Creative Coding,

Project 4 | Dissolution of taste

Can we create a dissolution in taste? 

Together with “Paul a chocolate,” a chocolate praline was developed. Like the sound and light experience, the praline was divided into three sections: The introduction, the overstimulation, the dissolution.


The beautiful spherical praline reflects the purity and equilibrium that we must symbolically break through with our first bite in order to encounter nothingness. Only by breaking this borderline and biting into the praline do we transcend the border between not tasting and tasting. The taste experience begins. First, the inviting chocolate ganache spreads across your mouth. Pure richness and sweetness. The shell gently cracks apart more and more as you chew, little crystals melt, and your mouth starts to tingle. The aromas of dark chocolate and lemon flavors become more prominent over time. Up until a little spiciness from behind starts to emerge. The flavor on the tongue is gradually broken up by the introduction of Szechuan pepper. It progressively numbs the mouth and renders it tasteless. Until nothing is left.