Stackholder | RCA Master Theses
Type | Experience and Research Design
Deliverables | Research, Metal Work, Creative Coding,

Project 2 | Dissolution of the Borderline

How can we prolong this border point?

According to Nishida Kitaro a Japanese philosopher, a pure experience is one in which there is no separation between the inside and the outside, between the subject and the object.  A room where there is no judgment.

When we gaze in the mirror, however, we cannot just disregard the reflection of ourselves. So it is not a question of losing the ability to see oneself, but rather of disappearing by ceasing to judge oneself. 

The Ganzfeld effect succeeds in expanding our consciousness by depriving us of stimuli (under-stimulation). However it fails to reduce us to nothingness. So what happens then if we do the reverse and continuously feed new stimuli to the eye (multiplication).

Outcome and Exhibition

This approach is tackled with the medium of another mirror. This time the person who is walking or standing by the mirror is captured and repeatedly printed on the mirror every second. As a result, the mirror becomes covered in a vast number of overlapping reflections. As she becomes the mirror himself, looking behind the reflection and dissolving into its reproduction, the spectator is forced to adopt a new point of seeing. In a way, the spectator surrenders and is subsequently overwhelmed, conquering the extreme and discovering themselves on the other side of the mirror.