Borderline | Overstimulation

Year: 2022      Type: Research, Experience, Sound and Food Design      Deliverables: Research, Sound, Coding; Food

‘Borderline‘ is a research project that seeks to explore different ways to experience this unknown space of nothingness. 

A concept was developed that situates the experience of nothingness not in its opposite extreme of perception, but in the brief moment when we cross the border from one perception to the other. This allows us to have the experience of nothingness, which occurs in a brief moment when we cross the boundary of our perception. This theory led to the development of various mirror projects that represent the respective partial aspects of nothingness

Mirror Experiences:

1 – We dissolve by exploring the border
2 – We become one with the mirror by breaking the borderline
3 – We overstimulate to the peak to fall into nothingness
4 – We dissolve in taste to end up in nothing

But as soon as we attempt to hold onto or strive for these experiences, we lose them.  Nothingness remains a fleeting experience that eludes closer examination. It is devoted to the moment and is determined on our ability to cross borders.

Project 3 | Overstimulation

Can we achieve this borderline by only reducing our sensory impressions, or can we also succeed this by multiplying sensory stimuli?

Because when there is too much of everything, we lose our ability to discern, we begin to suppress and become numb, which causes us to stop perceiving. Many would classify this experience as violent and it is. So I designed a gradual rise and controlled overstimulation that helps us to cross this extrem barrier. I divided this journey into three steps: the introduction, the dissolution and the overstimulation.


In a sound and light experiment, this understanding was put into practice. A new mirror was developed that emits light pulses synchronously with the sound experience.

In complete darkness, the spectator embarks on the immersive vivid journey into nothingness. Flashes of light tear apart the spectator’s gaze into the black mirror until the light entirely envelops the viewer. 

The mirror image distorts due to the continual fluctuation between light and dark. Our eyes are unable to grasp the reflection in the mirror. Our self-perception vanishes in the interaction of seeing and hearing, and we disintegrate sensuously. Waiting for the peak to finally let us fall into nothingness.

Project 4 | Dissolution of taste

Can we create a dissolution in taste? 

Together with “Paul a chocolate,” a chocolate praline was developed. Like the sound and light experience, the praline was divided into three sections: The introduction, the overstimulation, the dissolution.


The beautiful spherical praline reflects the purity and equilibrium that we must symbolically break through with our first bite in order to encounter nothingness. Only by breaking this borderline and biting into the praline do we transcend the border between not tasting and tasting. The taste experience begins. First, the inviting chocolate ganache spreads across your mouth. Pure richness and sweetness. The shell gently cracks apart more and more as you chew, little crystals melt, and your mouth starts to tingle. The aromas of dark chocolate and lemon flavors become more prominent over time. Up until a little spiciness from behind starts to emerge. The flavor on the tongue is gradually broken up by the introduction of Szechuan pepper. It progressively numbs the mouth and renders it tasteless. Until nothing is left.