Keep Distance

Year: 2021      Type: Game Design     Deliverables: Game play, Illustration
Selected for the D’source Corona Design Challenge.

KeepDistance is an open-source game, which is available to download on this website. The individual elements such as game instructions, game board, question cards can be printed and cut out quickly and are ready to play with within a few minutes. The game is designed for families with children between 9 and 14 years.


Download here


Game play

KeepDistance conveys the essential topics around the Corona Virus in a playful way. Keeping distance is a crucial aspect which, in addition to many informative, strategic and fun elements, determines the game system. 

The goal of this game is to move from one side of the board game to the opposite side. The finish line can, however, only be crossed if the player visited a certain amount of “corona fields” and answered the associated questions correctly.
The last square in which a player stops is marked (with a stamp or black felt-tip pen) and thus blocked for all further moves.  During the game, players must be careful not to get too close to each other, as otherwise, they both get “infected” by the virus. Following this infection, not only the target field is marked, but also the whole movement is highlighted for the following three rounds. This results in fewer paths that can be walked on, and it becomes more difficult to move while keeping the minimum distance. This requires a lot of skill and a strategic approach from the players. Funny actions (action cards) and exciting questions about Corona (question cards) loosen up the course of the game.


Design Process

The game was developed from the basic idea that the experiences during the Corona crisis are based on a universal learning process, which is reflected in the game system. The core theme is the distance rule which determines the structure and regulations of the game. The aim of the game is two-fold: while the content shall encourage learning it shall equally have a positive and entertaining effect on the players. The latter particularly results from the graphic representation of the Corona figures. Fears and misinformation on the subject of Corona should give way to understanding and knowledge. All visual elements are designed in a very reduced form so that the game can be printed out in black and white by the users. 
The Corona figures build the focus of the game. Their different character and expressions can be applied to all kinds of themes and create the narrative of this play.