Year: 2021      Type: Research       Deliverables: Research, writing, Field research
// Truly no man is wise, who does not know the dark (Herman Hesse).

A place where nothing exists but everything occurs. It surrounds us, envelops us, and leaves us blank. Lost and unconscious who and where we are, we will find the echo of light – simplicity.


Lived with darkness since the beginning of time, yet we fear it as we are so used to the light. Not knowing what darkness is anymore and how nothing feels, we began to fear the shadows of the dark. The constant light prevents us from withdrawing and concentrating on the essential. Lightened-up the world, we lost the touch of darkness.

My research is concentrating on the benefits and the spaces darkness can offer and how we can enter this newly created conciousness. Through different projects and by writing my master theses about Darkness, I am continuing the journey through darkness and where I could find it.



In the course of this work, a scientific paper was produced, based on the findings and results of the workshops and other studies.