Reality and Fiction

Year: 2018     Type: Research and Experience Design      Deliverables: VR, 3D design

This work is all about the effect filters have on our perception and feelings, and how these new resulting images can change our understanding of what we accept as a reality. The question remains if these pictures are simply subjective projections of our mind or if they are part of our reality. Additionally, whether we can manipulate ourselves and others and thereby convey a new reality to them can be questioned. If it is possible to alter what we see, then there is a way to target filters and create new realities.

The assumption for this thesis was the following: Reality arises when it is reflected (seen) by us.

Through my experiences with cameras, photoshop and virtual filters, I finished my studies with the realization that no matter, if we are in the real or virtual world, resulting images through filters, has the potential to create a new and accepted reality. Sensations which correspond with the scene are encouraging this acceptance.



The end product of this work was a VR world that reflected the real reality and through tapping the touch screen of the oculus glasses, new realities are created through different filters.
Therefore I create an existing room with a balcony and the surroundings from my previous school KISD in 3ds max. In Unity, I developed an app for the Samsung gear that allows the mobile movement within the scene.
When entering the 3-dimensional space, they are standing on the balcony of the room. Conspicuous was that sounds or elements that corresponded to the different realities, amplifying the experience.